The Urologic Oncology Center Team Specializes in Innovative Surgical Treatments

Urologic Oncology Center, part of University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, leads the region and the United States in the development and implementation of surgical treatments for prostate cancer. From conventional surgical procedures, including prostatectomy, to minimally invasive therapies such as the CyberKnife® System, our expert team provides the finest prostate cancer treatment.

The Urologic Oncology Center multidisciplinary team of health care experts will sometimes suggest a prostatectomy to treat a patient's prostate cancer.

What is a Prostatectomy?

During a prostatectomy, a UH Seidman Cancer Center surgeon removes all or part of the patient's prostate. The physician may perform a radical prostatectomy to remove the prostate as well as the surrounding tissue. A sample of lymph nodes in nearby tissue is usually taken to ascertain whether a patient's cancer has spread beyond the prostate. The goal of a radical prostatectomy is to halt the growth of the tumor by removing the prostate.

A radical prostatectomy can be completed using either traditional open surgery or a minimally invasive procedure known as laparoscopic radical prostatectomy. In both of these approaches, the surgeon uses specialized tools inserted through small incisions in the pelvic region.

The UH Seidman Cancer Center surgeon may use two different methods to reach the prostate gland for removal:

  • A retropubic prostatectomy involves an incision in the lower abdomen
  • A perineal prostatectomy requires an incision in the perineum or space between the scrotum and anus; lymph nodes may be removed through another small incision in the abdomen

Radical Prostatectomy Results

According to the American Cancer Society, when using a contemporary radical prostatectomy, about 70 percent of men with a clinically localized disease will be cured, depending on the grade and stage of the patient's tumor as well as the patient's serum prostate-specific antigen level.

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