Urologic Oncology Center Utilizes Cryoablation Treatment in the Fight Against Prostate Cancer

University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center physicians consult with patients when making prostate cancer treatment decisions. Our board-certified surgeons at the Urologic Oncology Center discuss each treatment option in detail, while answering any patient questions or concerns along the way. Our physicians may suggest that patients consider cryoablation, a relatively new technique for prostate cancer treatment.

What is Cryoablation?

Cryoablation involves the controlled freezing of the prostate gland in order to destroy cancerous cells. Using advanced imaging technologies, the physician inserts a tiny probe into the tumor through a small incision. The probe creates an ice ball that freezes and subsequently destroys the targeted tissue. The freezing occurs at the molecular, cellular and whole-tissue structure levels. The small blood vessels feeding the cancer cells are destroyed by the freezing as well, which furthers the efficacy of the procedure.

The Cryoablation Procedure

During cryoablation, the patient is placed under anesthesia while an ultrasound probe is inserted into the rectum. The prostate is then imaged and measured. A computerized program is utilized to map the treatment plan. Thermoprobes and cryoprobes are placed through the perineum at predetermined sites within the prostate. The freezing begins and is continuously monitored visually through a transrectal ultrasound. Two freezing cycles are usually completed during this process.

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