Complete (Radical) Nephrectomy

Kidney tumors that often require a complete or radical nephrectomy are larger in size and have grown locally. Surgeons also use this procedure to treat advanced stages of kidney cancer and to manage cancer that has spread to other areas of the body.

University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center and Urologic Oncology Center multidisciplinary health care team assists patients with determining whether tumors are best served by laparoscopic or open nephrectomy. Our team works to individualize this necessary treatment care plan for every single patient.


Patients diagnosed with cancer (transitional cell carcinoma) of the kidneys and/or ureters, are often advised to undergo a surgical approach which includes removing the kidney and ureter (nephroureterectomy). During the procedure, a UH Seidman Cancer Center physician may remove nearby lymph nodes to further examine for cancerous cells. A pathologist will then investigate the cells of the tumor to determine which type of cancer is present.

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