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University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center: Informing and Educating Patients During Each Step of Bladder Cancer Treatment

A patient's UH Seidman Cancer Center surgeon may choose to schedule a preadmission testing appointment prior to bladder cancer treatment. This decision depends on the individual's current health condition and the procedure the surgeon selects to treat the patient's bladder cancer. The main purpose of the visit is to assess an individual's ability to undergo surgery and also to allow the surgeon to plan the best course of care during the procedure.

Vital Preadmission Testing Information

A patient's preadmission appointment will be assigned by the UH Seidman Cancer Center surgeon's office. Patients should bring the following items to the appointment:

  • Name and contact information for all physicians the patient sees on a regular basis
  • A list of past surgical procedures
  • A list of current medications, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins and herbal supplements
  • A list of questions regarding the procedure
  • Health insurance card and related information

The day of the preassessment testing visit, patients should take medication as prescribed by their physician. The Urologic Oncology Center requests that patients eat breakfast or other regularly scheduled meals prior to arrival for preadmission testing. Fasting is not required unless specified by a physician.

Enterostomal Therapy

Patients will have a scheduled visit with UH Seidman Cancer Center's Department of Enterostomal Therapy Nursing prior to the surgical procedure. This visit allows the patient to learn about caring for abdominal stomas, fistulas, dermal wounds, pressure ulcers, incontinence and related skin conditions following surgery. Patients and family members are encouraged to ask any questions they may have during this time.

Preoperative Tests

Patients may have one or more of the following preoperative tests:

  • Urine sample
  • Pulse and blood pressure assessment
  • EKG
  • Blood work
  • Anesthesia evaluation
  • Other services as needed

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