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University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center Partners with Referring Physicians

UH Seidman Cancer Center’s board-certified oncologists strive to keep referring physicians informed at all stages of diagnosis and treatment. Our physicians and nurse navigators are completely committed to communicating with referring physicians, offering ease of appointments, up-to-date information about lab results, and inclusion in patient discussions. Additionally, we are always available by phone, fax and email.

Physicians at UH Seidman Cancer Center manage most complications that result during breast cancer treatment. However, we expect patients to continue seeing their primary care physicians while undergoing treatment. This way, if a new condition develops such as diabetes or hypertension, patients can receive timely care with their primary physician.

Accepting Clinician Referrals

Our highly trained and experienced oncologists at UH Seidman Cancer Center are dedicated to providing excellence in care to patients with breast cancer. We welcome referrals from physicians, both nationally and globally. To refer a patient, call 216-844-BRST (216-844-2778).

After receiving the tests, diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer at UH Seidman Cancer Center, the patient is provided with an “end of treatment summary” and “survivorship care plan” that also becomes part of the medical record. In addition, the referring physicians are sent these documents and the patient is referred back for ongoing care. The Breast Cancer Program Survivorship clinic sees patients after active treatment for cancer surveillance and collaborates with the referring physician for ongoing care.

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