Reduce Your Risk of Falling

Preventing you from falling is a priority while we care for you. Let's work together to prevent falls.

What we do to help prevent falls

  • Assess your risk for falling
  • Maintain a clear path to the bathroom
  • Keep your call bell within your reach
  • Answer your call light in a timely manner

What you can do to help prevent falls

  • Sit first on the side of your bed, then stand
  • Use your side rail to help you sit up
  • Ask for help when you need to go to the bathroom or want to walk around
  • Use your call bell when you need to get up
  • Tell our staff if any medicines you are taking make you feel sleepy, dizzy, light headed, sluggish or confused
  • Wear nonslip socks or footwear
  • Follow the safety instructions your nurse provides

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