Patient Safety & Security

Safe and Comfortable Hospital Experience

Throughout the University Hospitals health system, the commitment to quality care and patient safety is always a top priority. That commitment extends to University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center.

UH's mission is to heal, to teach and to discover. That requires building a culture that promotes continuous and ongoing dedication to clinical excellence and safety.

Patient Safety

UH Seidman Cancer Center staff works every day to make health care safer. The system works best when patients and families remain active, involved and informed members of the health care team. We encourage patients to participate in every care decision and Speak Up.

Code White

Alert us! If you are admitted to the hospital, there may be times when something just doesn't feel right. It could be when a change is seen or felt, or it could be a gut feeling that something is wrong. If you, a family member or a visitor ever feels this way, please call our Code White number and tell one of our nurses right away. Our Code White team of specialists will respond as soon as possible to your call and see what they can do to help. At any time, anyone can call a Code White.

To call a Code White, dial 33333 from any hospital phone, then tell one of our nurses.

Patient, Visitor and Staff Safety Guidelines

  • Staff are required to check patient identification before any procedure, test or medication. Patients should let a staff member know if they are concerned about receiving the wrong medication, treatment or test.
  • Doctors and employees are required to wear hospital photo identification at all times. For assistance, patients should look for any employee with an ID badge. Employees also wear uniforms specific to their department and function.
  • Patients and visitors should feel free to remind staff members and visitors to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. These are effective ways to prevent the spread of infection.

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