Frequently Asked Questions

Patients may raise many questions regarding the financing of leading-edge cancer care. Our financial counseling team helps each patient get fast, reliable answers to questions that may include:

Is the hospital in my network?

This is a complex question that depends on the payor. Even when the insurance company considers UH Seidman Cancer Center “out of network,” some level of coverage is often available.

What is my treatment going to cost? Will I be able to afford it?

When possible, the financial counselor does the preliminary research to get the information needed and helps the family make a plan.

Will I need a precertification or referral?

Sometimes a precertification or referral is required, depending on the selected treatment and the payor. Our financial team includes precertification specialists who will investigate the insurance company’s particular requirements and let the patient know what is needed.

What about medications after treatment?

Each payor has its own rules for pharmacy services. We help patients navigate and understand these requirements.

Is home care covered?

We help the patient’s care team determine the best course of action for care after a hospital stay. It might include home care, hospital outpatient care or a combination of both. Home care has its own charity program.

How can I understand all the paperwork?

Our financial advisors are experts in understanding financial documents. We take the time to work with patients and their loved ones, defining and explaining payment options, and answering questions.

Can I pay for my care without an insurance company involved?

Yes. The financial counselor helps the patient work through the payment process.

For More Information

To reach a member of our financial counseling team, call 216-286-3814 or 216-286-3809. To reach our Insurance Access Line, call 216-983-1500. Also, patients can call the customer service line at 216-844-8299 or toll free at 1-800-859-5906, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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