Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology is currently the only profession that specifically addresses human communication - speech, language, social and cognitive aspects – as well as the process of swallowing, for people of all ages. Our highly trained Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) works with patients in both acute care and outpatient settings, as well as with patients’ referring physicians and other therapists in order to provide individualized care. A treatment plan is developed with the patient and patient’s family to address areas of concern and work together to make progress toward agreed-upon goals and ultimately, improve the patient’s quality of life.

Our Speech-Language Pathologist is available Monday-Friday for outpatient appointments, as well as inpatient care.

Services include:

  • Pediatric speech-language evaluations and therapy (ages birth-18)
    • Including fluency, articulation, phonology, auditory habilitation, communication development, and patient/family education
  • Pediatric and adult hearing screenings
  • Adult speech-language evaluations and therapy (ages 18+)
    • Including fluency, articulation, auditory training, development and use of alternative/augmentative communication (AAC) devices, patient/family education
  • Adult swallowing evaluations and therapy (ages 18+)
  • Adult modified barium swallow (MBS) studies (ages 18+)

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