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Experience Emergency Medicine from the Center that Trains the Best in Ohio

How trusted is the Emergency Department at University Hospitals Richmond Medical Center, a campus of UH Regional Hospitals Emergency Department? Chances are, the paramedics who respond to a 911 call were trained by our own ER team.

Our relationship with area EMS professionals is supported by remote EKG monitoring that enables instant cardiac analysis and diagnosis before a patient leaves home. This state-of-the-art system gives paramedics and our emergency department physicians the ability to reduce heart muscle damage with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Once here, each patient receives excellent treatment from a staff of experienced professionals trained in emergency medicine and trauma care, led by a board certified Internal Medicine physician who also has over 15 years of experience as a paramedic.

When someone needs medical attention within minutes, count on our Emergency Department for immediate, exceptional care, the ability to manage any emergency situation, an unparalleled relationship with area EMS professionals, and the support of University Hospitals.

To contact the Emergency Department at UH Richmond Medical Center, please call 440-585-6433.

Providing Older Adults the Specialized Emergency Treatment at ER for Seniors

UH Richmond ER Services Brochure

View our senior ER services brochure (PDF) to learn more.

UH Richmond Medical Center is proud to offer services dedicated to the specific needs of senior adults. This facility provides:

  • Access to expert doctors and nurses specifically trained in senior care - available all day, every day
  • Patient assessment within 30 minutes of arrival
  • Amenities that cater to senior needs, including soft lighting, safety rails, visual and hearing assistive devices, mattresses that reduce pressure on skin and aching backs and more

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