Center for Wound Care

Each year, six million Americans suffer wounds caused by diabetes, circulatory problems and other serious medical conditions. Building on the groundbreaking program established at UH Richmond Medical Center, a Campus of UH Regional Hospitals in 1994, the Center for Wound Care is addressing these problem wounds in our community by providing specialized treatment of skin ulcers, vasculitis, burns, and traumatic, surgical and non-healing wounds.

The Center’s multidisciplinary approach to care involves a dedicated team that includes podiatrists, plastic surgeons, psychiatrists, an internist, an RN and an LPN, as well as vascular, orthopaedic and general surgical physicians. Working together, the Center’s team provides treatments that reduce patients’ hospital stays and amputation rates.

As a patient at the Center, rest assured that your primary care physician will be updated on your progress throughout the course of your treatment.

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