Traditional Rotating Internships

Traditional Rotating Internship Program at UH Bedford and Richmond Medical Centers

Christopher Tangen, DO

Program Director

The AOA-accredited Traditional Rotating Internship offered by UH Regional Hospitals Department of Medical Education has dramatically evolved in recent years. Prior to 2008, all osteopathic graduates were required to complete an osteopathic internship. Since then, the Traditional Internship has been integrated into virtually every AOA residency program, with specific exceptions.

For example, graduates seeking residency positions in disciplines like Dermatology or Proctology are required to complete a Traditional Rotating Internship prior to entry. (One year of AOA-approved internship training is a requirement for licensure in many states.) Individuals may also benefit from the Traditional Internship if they are uncertain of the specialty they want to pursue, or if they feel a year of training will better prepare them for entry into a desired specialty.

Internship Core Rotations

The design of our Traditional Rotating Internship provides a foundation for any future training program while customizing the curriculum to meet the needs of each participant. Interns will experience core rotations in:

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine
  • Surgery

Elective experiences are designed to assist the intern in meeting future career goals. Rotation experiences are enhanced by the diversity of training in urban, suburban and rural locations within the University Hospitals system.

UH Regional Hospitals AOA training programs value the integration of osteopathic concepts into didactic and clinical experiences. Academics are a strong focus, with structured weekly didactics and required scholarly activities. Every osteopathic intern, including our Traditional Rotating interns, are required to complete an osteopathically oriented scholarly project that will be submitted for publication.

Benefits of a Traditional Rotating Internship

A varying, limited number of interns are accepted into this program. Osteopathic physicians entering into AOA Traditional Rotating Internship positions at UH Regional Hospitals will experience:

  • A flexible, customized curriculum utilizing multiple UH system sites for maximized clinical exposure
  • Optimum preparation for a primary care or specialty career choice and training – at University Hospitals or at any facility in the U.S.

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