Traditional Rotating Internship with Dermatology Emphasis

Michael P. Rowane, DO, MS, FAAFP, FAAO

Traditional Internship Program Director

Jenifer R. Lloyd, DO

Dermatology Residency Program Director

The Department of Medical Education at University Hospitals Bedford and Richmond medical centers, campuses of UH Regional Hospitals, has developed an innovative AOA-accredited Traditional Rotating Internship with a Dermatology Emphasis. The osteopathic internship has dramatically evolved in recent years. Prior to 2008, all osteopathic graduates were required to complete an osteopathic internship. Since then, the Traditional Internship has been integrated into virtually every AOA residency program, with a few exceptions that include Dermatology. Osteopathic graduates wishing to enter into an AOA-approved Dermatology residency program must complete a Traditional Rotating Internship prior to entry.

A varying, limited number of interns are accepted into this program, with the goal of developing future leaders in the field of osteopathic dermatology. The internship’s unique curricular design features additional dermatology and related experiences. It includes rotations in the UH Cleveland Medical Center Department of Dermatology at our main campus in Cleveland and participation in the longitudinal dermatology clinic at UH Richmond Medical Center.

The development of dermatologic consultants requires a solid foundation in Internal Medicine, both in the community setting and in an academic, university-based environment with our tertiary partner, UH Cleveland Medical Center.

Core Rotations

Dermatology is a procedurally rich specialty that lends itself to clinicians with good surgical skills. Therefore, General Surgery rotations are complemented by experiences in Wound Care and Plastic Surgery.

Other core rotations include:

  • Emergency medicine
  • Family medicine
  • Neuromusculoskeletal medicine/osteopathic manipulative medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Rural selective

Our interns’ rotation experiences are enhanced by the diversity of training in urban, suburban and rural locations within the University Hospitals system.

Didactic and Clinical Experiences

UH Regional Hospitals AOA training programs value the integration of osteopathic concepts into didactic and clinical experiences. Academics are a prime focus, with structured weekly didactics and required scholarly activities. There is an expectation of scholarly activity with any candidate competing for a Dermatology residency position.

Every UH Regional Hospitals osteopathic intern is required to complete an osteopathically oriented scholarly project that will be submitted for publication. The Traditional Rotating Intern with a Dermatology Emphasis will take this a step further: Additional requirements build his or her academic portfolio with attendance at a formal research course at Case Western Reserve University and the development of a Dermatology focused Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine module.

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