Ambulatory Clinic

Our residents have the opportunity to participate in two separate primary care experiences, each with their own unique educational opportunities:

Rainbow Ambulatory Practice:

  • This large urban primary care practice, located conveniently on the 1st floor of our hospital, serves as the principal site for resident continuity clinic. The clinic cares for a primarily underserved population and sees approximately 30,000 visits per year.
  • Residents quickly develop large panels of continuity patients ranging from typically developing newborns to children with complex medical and behavioral problems.
  • The clinic is staffed by residents, nurse practitioners and faculty in the Division of General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. The clinic also has full time social work and dietician support. Residents spend approximately ½ day per week in the clinic throughout their residency.
  • A weekly standardized curriculum with assigned reading and reflection questions is provided to give residents a breadth and depth of primary care knowledge. Topics include a wide range of general pediatrics topics including well child care, advocacy, immunizations and other common medical and behavioral concerns.
  • Residents are provided with a protected 30 minute educational session at the beginning of each clinic to review the weekly topics with faculty. This ensures that residents have the opportunity to gain broad exposure to many primary care topics.

OBRE (Outpatient Based Residency Experience):

  • This block experience for PL-2 residents provides an immersion experience in a community based practice. Residents work with one of our outstanding general pediatricians in the Rainbow Care Network throughout this experience.
  • The educational objective of this rotation includes topics such as billing and coding, telephone triage, and practice management. In addition to general pediatric topics residents work with our community partners and their office staff to gain these skills.
  • Residents complete a self-directed reflection exercise that allows them to compare their experiences in the community with those in their own continuity clinic.

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