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Sports Medicine Fact Sheets

Treating Female Athletes

There are distinct differences between male and female athletes.

Sports Concussions

A concussion is a head injury that causes a temporary loss of normal brain function. Visit our Sports Concussion Team for more information.


Keeping hydrated lets your body perform to its full ability & helps prevent heat illness and cramping. Here’s why.

Youth Injury Prevention

Children’s athletic injuries can often be prevented. Read how.

Mouth Guards

Anyone who is playing a sport where dental injury may occur should wear a mouth guard. Learn why.


Fueling your athlete with food and water is no different than fueling your car with gasoline. Learn how.

“PRICE” An Injury

Once an injury happens, your quick action may prevent the injury from becoming worse. Learn what to do.

Training Shoes

Choosing the Right Shoe for Running. What to look for.

Weight Training

Should my kid be lifting weights? Find the answer.

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