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At University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine, we’re enthusiastic about helping children stay healthy, fit and strong. So we deliver a wide range of services for sports injuries and sports related problems. Whether the injury happens on the basketball court, on the gymnastics balance beam, or while playing pick-up football in the neighborhood, we are there for you.

Because kids’ bones and muscles are still growing, sports injuries in children and teens require medical care that is very different from adults. Our staff has the specialized training and experience to diagnose and treat children’s injuries. We assess each injury and create a specialized treatment and rehabilitation plan. Safe return to sports and injury prevention is the focus of our interaction with patients and their families.

We regularly provide care for athletes with both acute and chronic injuries. But, our caring goes beyond healing injuries. Concussion management, hydration and nutrition questions, and performance issues are common reasons our patients seek us out for care. We also provide top of the line pre-participation physicals for athletes seeking clearance for sports.

We love helping young people stay active and safe is sports. I believe our compassion for children comes through in each one of our interactions with these young athletes.

Please let me know how I – or any of my staff – can help you or your child.

Amanda Weiss-Kelly, MD

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