Sports Concussion Program

A collision on the basketball court. A helmet-to-helmet tackle. A fall on the soccer field.

All are common occurrences in youth sports—all can result in a concussion.

Appropriate identification and management of concussions are vital to preventing further and more serious injury.

Our Sports Concussion Team, which includes specialists from pediatric sports medicine, orthopaedic surgery and neuropsychology, has the specialized training, experience and technology to diagnose, manage and treat sports concussions.

Most athletes who suffer concussions make a full recovery, but there are some who experience chronic cognitive and behavioral difficulties because they returned to action before they were completely healed. These athletes are significantly vulnerable to future concussions and possibly a more severe and permanent injury.

The Sports Concussion Team offers pre-season baseline assessments to teams throughout Northeast Ohio to ensure that no student athlete returns to their sport before they are ready. This combination of questionnaires and computerized tests measure a number of basic cognitive functions and are given before the season starts. If an athlete should suffer a concussion during the season, they are given a second test and the results are compared to the original test to gauge whether or not brain functions have returned to their pre-season level.

Baseline assessments are available to schools, club sports, teams and individuals.

If you have questions about our Sports Concussion program or concussions in general, please call 216-844-3422 to contact one of our specialists.

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