Division of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery

Division of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery Offers Leading-Edge Treatment for Musculoskeletal Issues

From the most complex spinal surgery to simple strategies for preventing sports injuries, University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital’s Division of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery in Cleveland, Ohio has the resources and expertise to care for children with orthopaedic problems.

The pediatric orthopaedics department at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.

Comprehensive Model of Care

When it comes to treating children with muscle and/or skeletal issues, our division leads the way for a number of reasons. Some of the features that set our program apart include:

  • A full team of board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and other support staff to help diagnose, treat and manage a full range of conditions
  • An advanced pediatric pain management program
  • Access to a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center
  • A leading sports medicine program
  • The Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Pediatric Surgery Center, which is the only surgical facility in Cleveland designed solely for pediatric patients

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Internationally Recognized Specialists Deliver Team-Based Care

Our teams offer treatment at several convenient community clinics for a wide range of bone, joint and muscle issues in children, including:

We treat children with neuromuscular disorders at the Neuromuscular Specialty Clinic, which provides access to a diverse team of specialists representing pediatric orthopaedic surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric urology, physical medicine, nursing and pediatric physical therapy.

A History of Leadership Going Back a Century

For more than 100 years, we have established a strong record of developing new therapies, conducting research and putting new techniques into practice every day. Our orthopaedic specialists:

  • Developed spinal cord monitoring, a system used worldwide to help make spinal surgery safer
  • Developed a revolutionary “growing rod” program so that very young children with spine deformities can have a much better chance of growing to a normal height with their organs developing more fully
  • Pioneered the use of Amicar®, a medication that helps reduce blood loss and the possibility of complications in patients undergoing spinal surgery
  • Revolutionized the less invasive anterior approach to spinal surgery, which involves operating through the chest rather than from the back; it is used to improve mobility of the spine and guide spinal growth
  • Participated in developing ScoliScore, a painless and noninvasive tool to predict scoliosis progression

A Culture of Compassion, Communication and Convenience

Parents can rest assured that our staff of experienced, caring professionals will make every effort to keep their child safe and comfortable. The hallmark of our approach is dedicating time, extra attention and convenience to patients and families.

Our pediatric orthopaedic physicians and nurses are available to answer questions from concerned parents and family members. The convenience extends to the availability of making multiple appointments in one location. Also, we have multiple clinic locations throughout northeast Ohio, which means that our patients are never too far away from our advanced treatments.

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