Help for children with special needs

Program Helps Parents Safely Transport Children with Physical Challenges

The Rainbow Injury Prevention Center is home to the first and only special needs car seat program in Northeast Ohio. Many hospitalized children have short or long-term challenges that prevent them from fitting correctly into a conventional child restraint, placing them at risk of additional injury. Rainbow Injury Prevention Center staff work closely with the hospital’s orthopaedic department to identify children who have casts that immobilize their hips and inhibit their ability to bend or sit up. We also work closely with our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) staff to help families of low birth weight and preterm infants. Many of the patients we work with require specialized seats that can be hard to find and extremely expensive, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

For children with short-term challenges, the Rainbow Injury Prevention Center provides specialized car seats and motor vehicle restraints to families of Rainbow patients on a loaner basis or at a reduced cost.

For families of older children and teens with long-term challenges or neuromuscular conditions who require specialized car seats that can accommodate passengers of higher weights and heights, we can help you work through your options for safely transporting your special needs child.

If your child is a Rainbow patient who might benefit from this service, talk to your physician about a referral.

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