Angie’s Institute

The Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Center

About Our Center

Meeting the Unique Needs of Teen and Young Adult Cancer Patients

Often caught between pediatric and adult oncology, adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer patients face unique challenges because their cancers, treatments and social needs differ from infants, younger children and adults. The Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Center works to raise symptom awareness and provide highly personalized, comprehensive programming for teens, including early detection strategies, nurse navigator services, survivorship programs, and other supportive services. Our AYA cancer program also works to enroll more teens in the clinical trials process, expand access to promising new treatments, and strives to provide better outcomes for young adults with cancer.

Why Choose Us

Our expert team offers the following features specifically geared toward adolescent and young adult cancer patients:

  • Doctors and surgeons who are experts in germ cell tumors, the most common form of cancer seen in young adults
  • A patient navigator to connect patients with experts in fertility preservation and provide assistance with insurance and other special needs through the course of their treatment
  • Access to the very latest clinical trials involving the most promising treatments and cures
  • Support services to help students undergoing cancer treatment to stay in school and college
  • Careful management of cancer treatment options to preserve optimal fertility in adulthood
  • Education to help adolescents and young adults increase personal awareness of the early warning signs of cancer
  • Programs to help patients ages 15 to 30 prepare for adult life after cancer

We also offer a variety of other resources for teens and young adults with cancer, their families and their physicians to help them deal with cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship, including: