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Patient Stories

Stories of Courage: Our Patients’ Cancer Journeys

Our patients are strong. They are courageous. And our patients do not give up. Every year, children, teens and young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer or a blood disorder come to Angie’s Institute for their care. Their determination and fighting spirits help them arrive as patients – but leave as survivors. Here are just a few of their inspiring stories.

Delaney’s Story: As a young child, Delaney loved to spend time with horses, but that all changed when her family received news of her diagnosis. At 10 years old, Delaney and her family visited Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital where they were told Delaney had Leukemia. Now, Delaney is fighting her way toward recovery and reaching her dream to own her own horse.

Lauren’s Story: Throughout her battle with pediatric cancer, Lauren has relied heavily on her friends, family and second family – the doctors and hospital staff. From personalized care to bedside manner, the hospital staff’s support is vital to ensure her ongoing treatment and road to recovery.

Quentin’s Story: For 8-year-old Quentin, his best option to treat his lifelong battle with sickle cell disease was a bone marrow transplant. His best match: little sister, Sheila.

Sam’s Story: Sam Tippit had survived childhood leukemia as a teenager, but at age 23 it came back. Read more about how Sam battled cancer for the second time.

Danielle’s Story: Danielle and her family sought a second opinion after months of treatment for what they thought was pneumonia failed to yield results. New tests confirmed that 15-year-old Danielle had Stage IV Hodgkin lymphoma.

Gina’s Story: Gina was a 20-year-old Kent State student when she began to feel numbness in her toes. The numbness progressed and she was eventually diagnosed with a brain tumor. Learn more about her fight.

Jack’s Story: Jack Witherspoon is a 16-year-old aspiring chef from California, and he also is a three-time cancer survivor. Jack says his love of cooking is one of the positive outcomes of his battle with leukemia.