Angie’s Institute

Get Connected

Explore Ways to Connect with Others During Your Cancer Journey

Every day, teen, adolescent and young adult cancer patients come to the Angie Fowler Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Institute feeling scared, overwhelmed, and alone. But you are not alone. Our community of patients, survivors, parents and caregivers knows exactly what it is like to start down the long road of treatment and recovery. They understand the physical and emotional struggles you face along the way. Our team not only has to expertise to treat and cure the cancer itself, but also offers the support to help patients and families connect with the community of patients and survivors who know just what they are going through.

Here are some of the ways you can connect:

Healing & Hope Blog: Our blog offers advice and information from our expert team on a variety of cancer-related topics, such as news on the latest cancer treatments and research, dealing with side effects from cancer treatment, nutritional information, and how to cope with other physical, emotional and social aspects of cancer.

Stories of Courage: Read the inspiring stories of some of our patients, and how they beat the odds and beat their cancer.

Patient Videos: Our patient videos feature young adult cancer survivors talking about their personal cancer journeys.

Cancer Survivor Diaries: Follow some of our adolescent and young adult cancer patients as they make their way from diagnosis, through treatment, and on to survivorship. Our bloggers give you the real story of their cancer experience, in their own words.

Share Your Story: Do you have your own story to tell about your cancer journey? We’d love to hear about it.