Bo’s corner: Can weather make you feel sick?

Frightful weather can make you feel extra worse if you have asthma. When it is cold, wet or windy outside, or when the weather changes very quickly, you might have more symptoms.

Do not let Old Man Winter or his friend Jack Frost get you down. Here is how you can feel better, rain or shine.

  • Dress up. When it is cold, wear clothes that keep you warm. Cover your face with a ski mask. Or wrap a scarf around your face and nose to keep from breathing in cold air.
  • Change your plans. Skiing, ice-skating or running outside might be fun. But if they make you feel bad, ask your friends to do something else. Try going for a dip in an indoor pool. The warm, wet air is good for your lungs.
  • Talk with an adult. Tell your parents or another trusted grown-up if you are outside and do not feel well. If you have trouble breathing, cannot stop coughing, or have a tight feeling in your chest, speak up.
  • Keep your medicine handy. Your doctor will explain how to use your inhaler and spacer. Take them along with you into the great outdoors.

Picture postcards

Most of the time, you probably call or email your friends and family to keep in touch when you are apart. Why not brighten a friend’s day with an extra-special “hello” and mail him or her a picture postcard instead?


  1. Cut out pictures from magazines.
  2. Glue the pictures onto one side of a postcard-sized piece of poster board. You can also use a 4x6-inch blank index card.
  3. Turn the card over. On the left side, write your message. In the middle of the right side, write your friend or family member’s name and address.
  4. Stick a stamp on the upper right corner.
  5. Mail your postcard!

Playing outside? Stay safe

Lots of kids can hurt themselves during skiing, snowboarding, sledding or skating. Follow these tips from Bo the Take Care Bear to stay safe:

  1. Wear a helmet, warm clothes, goggles or wrap-around sunglasses, and gloves or mittens.
  2. If you are sledding, stay clear of trees, poles or benches that you might run into. Make sure that your path does not lead to streets or highways, either.
  3. If you are skating, skate in the same direction as the crowd at all times – and never skate alone. Do not chew gum or eat while skating.

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