Bo’s Corner — Hey Kids! This page is for you

Meet Bo

Bo the Take Care Bear is from the Care Bears’ magical world up in the clouds. He has come here to be the Bear-in-Residence at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.

Just like a colorful rainbow, Bo lights up every room he goes into. Bo helps kids feel much better while they are staying at the hospital.

Now, Bo wants to light up Under the Rainbow. In each issue, look for “Bo’s corner.” You will find fun puzzles and games. You can also read about what you can do to be healthy.

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Fun facts about Bo

Caring mission: Giving comfort to kids in the hospital and their families by caring, sharing, listening and HUGGING

Special skill: Hugging kids and cheering them up

Belly badge symbol: Rainbow

Favorite snack: Fruit, fruit and more fruit!

Favorite hobby: Visiting old friends and making new ones

Get moving to be healthy

Hooray! Spring is here. It is time to get outside and get moving. Being active is important because kids need exercise to get strong. And being active makes kids feel better and happier. So instead of watching TV, head outside for a bike ride or soccer game. You can also:

  • Play tag, kickball or hide-and-seek with your friends. Or make up your own outdoor game.
  • Go for a nature walk with your family.
  • Help your mom or dad mow the lawn, wash the car, do some gardening or walk the dog.

Rainy day fun

Stuck inside on a dreary day? There is still plenty you can do. Play a board game or draw with friends. Or listen to your favorite music and dance or jump rope to the beat.

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