Expedited Review

A study is considered EXPEDITED because it does NOT involve more than MINIMAL RISK and at least one of the following conditions applies. Expedited review is at the Institutional Review Board's discretion. Expedited is a type of category of review; it does not translate to a fast review as the name would seem to imply.

  • Research on drugs for which an Investigational new drug application is not required
  • Collection of blood samples by finger, ear, venipuncture or heel stick from subjects who meet the criteria
  • Collection of biological specimens by non-invasive means
  • Collection of biological data through non-invasive procedures (e.g., ECG, BMI)
  • Research on individual or group behavior or characteristics of individuals (e.g., surveys with no identifiers)
  • Collection of data from voice, video, digital or image recordings made for research purposes
  • Research on individual or group characteristics or behavior, surveys, interviews or oral history that have identifiers at any point of the research
  • Continuing review of research previously approved by the convened IRB and the following are true: enrollment closed, no additional risks have been identified or remaining research activity is data analysis
  • The study of data (chart reviews), documents, records, pathological specimens or diagnostic specimens

Levels of IRB Review

Full Board:

  • More than a minimal risk
  • Not covered under other review categories
  • Examples:
    • Intervention involving physical or emotional discomfort or sensitive data
    • Involve a survey of a protected group like pregnant women


  • No more than a minimal risk
  • Fits 1 of 9 expedited review categories
  • Examples:
    • Collections of non-invasive specimens
    • Research on existing documents like charts which were not originally part of research


  • No more than a minimal risk
  • Fits 1 of 6 exempt categories
  • Examples:
    • Research with de-identified records
    • Anonymous surveys that do not have a known risk

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