Exempt Review

A study is considered EXEMPT because:

  • Research on special education instructional strategies, comparison of techniques, or classroom management methods
  • Research involving educational testing of survey or interview procedures or observation of public behavior
  • Research involving existing data, documents, or pathological specimens if the sources are publicly available or subjects cannot be identified through any type of identifiers
  • Research or demonstration projects that are designed to evaluate or otherwise study procedures of public benefit or service programs
  • Taste and food quality food evaluations and consumer acceptance studies

Levels of IRB Review

Full Board:

  • More than a minimal risk
  • Not covered under other review categories
  • Examples:
    • Intervention involving physical or emotional discomfort or sensitive data;
    • Involve a survey of a protected group like pregnant women


  • No more than a minimal risk
  • Fits 1 of 9 expedited review categories
  • Examples:
    • Collections of non-invasive specimens
    • Research on existing documents like charts which were not originally part of research


  • No more than a minimal risk
  • Fits 1 of 6 exempt categories
  • Examples:
    • Research with de-identified records
    • Anonymous surveys that do not have a known risk

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