Nursing Research

Hospital and federal policy (e.g., the Department of Health and Human Services, DHHS, regulations for the Protection of Human Subjects Research) require review and approval of ALL research activities involving human subjects. This applies to all research done by staff, students or external researchers.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) at University Hospitals Portage Medical Center oversees all research done here. The IRB meets every three months on the third Monday of the month in March, June, September and December.

The chair of the Board is Michael Fuchs, General Counsel. Questions related to meeting times and IRB application instructions can be directed to Peggy Speicher, administrative assistant, at 330-297-2945. Members of the Board include representatives from nursing, medicine and area academic institutions.

If you are a RN at UH Portage Medical Center and would like additional help with the IRB application please contact Ruth Ludwick, PhD, RN-BC, CNS, Director of Nursing Research or a member of the Nursing Research and Scholarly Activity Council.

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