Where the Money Goes

Do you ever wonder whether your gifts make a difference in the lives of patients at University Hospitals Portage Medical Center? The simple answer is yes. The Portage Medical Center Foundation provides financial support for thousands of individuals each year receiving care for many different health concerns. The needs are continuing to increase based on the economic difficulties experienced by many people in our community.

We all want to make a difference to change the world, our world. When you give to the Portage Medical Center Foundation, your donation directly impacts hundreds of people.

Thousands of women in the county go without potentially life-saving mammograms, many due to cost concerns. Nearly 2,000 women have received mammograms due to the generosity of donors to the Maxine Lyman Mammography Fund.

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
The UH Portage Medical Center Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program has assisted thousands of people annually with cardiac (heart) and pulmonary (lung) rehabilitation. Many insurance companies do not cover the ongoing exercise and education maintenance programs for patients. The Portage Medical Center Foundation helps these patients in need.

Nursing Education
A variety of funds have been established to assist nurses and other health care professionals expand their expertise and education. The Foundation annually provides nearly $50,000 for scholarships to support our employees' provision of excellent care to patients.

Minorities in Health Care
UH Portage Medical Center works to raise awareness and provide opportunities to the minority community interested in health care. 

The Gertrude M. Petsche Healing Garden
Patients and their families, volunteers and employees of UH Portage Medical Center can experience respite and rest in the healing garden on the UH Portage Medical Center campus.

Art Reflections
At UH Portage Medical Center the Rotating Art Gallery was established in October 1999 in the main lobby of UH Portage Medical Center. Framed original artwork of local artists is previewed by a committee and displayed for a three-month period. Art is reviewed for appropriate content for a health care setting and quality of display. Artists may make their art available for sale, or simply for display. Interested customers are given a contact number for the artist, and deal directly with the artist. UH Portage Medical Center receives no commission on the sale.

Give Now

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