Ways of Giving

University Hospitals Portage Medical Center is continually seeking new ways to meet the needs of our patients, their families and the community. Often times, the greatest need of a patient or guest is comfort. Art Reflections provides an opportunity to weave the love of a comforting environment with the skill of our dedicated staff to create the masterpiece that is UH Portage Medical Center.

Donating to the Foundation is a very caring expression, which ensures your money will benefit others. Whether it goes toward valuable training, vital medical equipment, or the endowment fund, it is a gift of a lifetime that will help propel health care further into the future.

Gift of Cash
The easiest way to give to Portage Medical Center Foundation is simply by writing a check. Cash gifts are accepted for any purpose consistent with the Medical Center's mission and objectives. 

Gifts of Stock
Giving long-term appreciated stock offers two tax advantages. First, the donor avoids paying any capital gains tax on the increase in value of the stock. In addition, the donor receives a tax deduction for the full fair-market value of the stock on the date of the gift. For income tax purposes the value of such gifts may be deducted up to 30 percent of adjusted gross income, with an additional five-year carry forward.

Gifts of Life Insurance
Donors who own a life insurance policy that is no longer needed, may consider it as a perfect charitable gift. To receive a charitable income tax deduction, name Portage Medical Center Foundation as both the owner and beneficiary of the policy. The donor must also legally assign and deliver the policy to Portage Medical Center Foundation. If the policy has a cash value, the donor may receive a charitable income tax deduction equal to the cash value at the time of the gift. In addition, if annual premiums are required and the donor continues to pay them, those premiums will be income tax deductible annually. Please consult with a life insurance agent on which forms to complete or call the Foundation Office.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts
A gift can be made to remember or honor a special person or occasion in your life. At the time you make your gift, we immediately notify those in whose name it is given.

Many people do not like to think about preparing a will, but actually, a will is a very thoughtful gift a person can give to their loved ones. It is a way to express your wishes and to assure that the people you care about and support are taken care of after your death. A will enables donors to provide for future generations, and also makes it possible for people to make significant donations they would not have felt comfortable making during their lifetime. Portage Medical Center Foundation is one institution which can be remembered in wills.

Give Now

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