Ron's Story

3DHD Surgery Leaves Patient Pain Free

As a driver for UPS, Ron Barbieri has a very physical job - climbing in and out of his truck countless times each day and lifting packages of all weights and sizes. However, Ron was no able to perform his job when diverticulitis struck.

“I was hunched over like an 85-year-old man,” said Barbieri, 55, of Parma. “I had trouble tying my shoes and even standing up straight.” Barbieri worried that his condition, with lower back aches, pain during urination and serious constipation, was a urinary tract infection. It was actually far worse. He contemplated going to his doctor, but waited until eventually the pain escalated into an emergency.

Upon admission to UH Parma Medical Center, doctors found that Barbieri’s bladder and colon were practically cemented together from excessive swelling. His intestines were so badly infected that a colonoscopy could not be completed and his abdomen was bloated and hard.

“If my colon had ruptured, the infection could have spread through my system,” Barbieri said. “I was very close to having a (colostomy) bag.”

Patrick Renner, MD performed a laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy, removing eight inches of Barbieri’s colon and repairing a fistula, or a tunnel between his colon and bladder.

The minimally invasive surgery left Barbieri with just five small incisions.

“It was excellent,” said Barbieri. “I had very little pain.” Last year, Dr. Renner performed all cholecystectomies (removal of the gallbladder) and most colectomies (removal of all or part of the colon) laparoscopically.

UH Parma Medical Center’s acquisition of the 3DHD scope only enhances the safety and effectiveness of this operation.

“Visualization and depth perception are improved with the 3D scope,” says Dr. Renner. “It allows for a safer operation. It will facilitate the more complicated laparoscopic procedures, such as the colon resection. I plan to use it on all of my laparoscopic cases.”

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