HealthGrades Quality Outcomes 2013

University Hospitals Parma Medical Center is Among the Best for Cardiology Services

Healthgrades, the nation’s most trusted, independent source of physician information and hospital quality ratings, recently recognized UH Parma Medical Center as the best hospital in Cuyahoga County for both cardiology and coronary intervention.

UH Parma Medical Center No. 1 in Ohio for Coronary Interventional Procedures

HealthGrades best hospital in cardiology and coronary interventionAccording to Healthgrades, UH Parma Medical Center is the best hospital in Ohio – and among the top 5 percent in the nation – for coronary interventional procedures. Our facility also ranked among the top hospitals in the state for overall cardiac services.

UH Parma Medical Center was the first hospital in the region to implement a Code STEMI system that alerts the cardiac catheterization lab of heart attack patients en route. Our method of treating heart attack patients incorporates technological advances, like electronic transmission of EKGs from ambulances to the Emergency Department (ED). This, combined with our efficient communication protocol results in a median response time of 55 minutes, well below the national standard of 90 minutes. UH Parma Medical Center cardiologists, often clock times as low as 9 and 14 minutes, as measured from the moment the patient arrives in the ED to the insertion of the balloon in the catheterization lab to clear the blocked artery and restore blood flow to the heart.

Know Your Risk

Every year nearly 1 million people have heart attacks, and one third of them will die – half before ever reaching a hospital. Fortunately, there is a test available at UH Parma Medical Center that will identify coronary artery disease (CAD) at an asymptomatic stage.

Coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring goes beyond traditional risk factors like hypertension and family history and is the single most accurate method for predicting your risk.

A CAC score can reveal early-stage heart disease. This test is performed on a computed tomography (CT) scanner that takes detailed pictures of the heart muscle. Results determine the presence and extent of calcium deposits in plaque on the walls of the heart’s arteries. This calcium buildup is an indicator of CAD.

Schedule a Heart Screen

Testing for a calcium score can only be scheduled with an order from a physician.

The procedure takes only five minutes and no dye is used. Participants lay fully dressed on the CT table and hold their breath for a few seconds while the machine takes pictures of the heart.

The coronary artery calcium score test is currently not covered under insurance plans, but the information it provides can be life-saving. Patients who need a family physician, cardiologist or vascular specialist, can call 440-743-4900, Monday – Thursday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and Friday from 8:30 a.m. – noon for a referral.

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