The Bare Facts

You wouldn’t grab a pot of boiling water with your bare hands, right? The summer sun can heat surfaces like sidewalks, asphalt and sand to triple-digit temperatures, potentially causing third-degree burns on the soles of your bare feet. Try not to walk barefoot on hot surfaces to keep your feet safe.

Two of the most common injuries caused by going barefoot are cuts and puncture wounds. Grass, sand and other surfaces can camouflage sharp objects such as broken glass, nails and sea shells. Protect your feet by wearing shoes. If you do get a cut or puncture wounds from going barefoot, remember this: Medical treatment within the first 24 hours is important to avoid serious infection or other complications.

Also, do you stop at the ankles when applying sunscreen? Keep going! Feet can get sunburned, too. Apply sunscreen to the tops and bottoms of your feet.

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