A Revolutionary Development for Women’s Health

A major advancement in mammography called tomosynthesis means finding with more specificity for doctors and less radiation exposure for patients. Dr. Paul Klatte, UH Parma Medical Center’s chairman of the Department of Radiology, has the latest.

UH Parma Medical Center is excited to offer its patients the very latest in breast evaluation and mammographic workup. The Radiology department is installing digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), a revolutionary addition to women's health complementing mammography.

Routine mammography is inherently limited as it is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional structure, even with compression. DBT greatly reduces this limitation by “slicing through” overlying structures much as a CT scan of the body does, aiding in accurate diagnosis.

In summary, DBT results in much improved sensitivity and specificity for breast disease. Initial studies have demonstrated fewer additional tests to clarify questionable findings at screening mammography, and have demonstrated significantly higher and earlier cancer detection rates. DBT also accomplishes this with less radiation than the typical diagnostic workup with routine mammography.

Breast imaging specialists have commented that this is the most significant development in breast evaluation since mammography itself. Please stay tuned to the newsletter for the inception date and additional information on this cutting-edge technology.

Paul Klatte, MD

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