Eating Well on the Go

Considering hectic schedules and current lifestyles, many women find it very challenging and difficult to eat and prepare foods that are healthy and support a well-balanced diet. How do you eat healthy while on the run?

Here are some tips that may help you make smart choices when eating-on-the-go:

Think ahead and plan your eating schedule each week. Decide on which days you need to bring your own foods and arm yourself with healthy choices so they are available – at work, in the car, in your gym bag. Planned leftovers work very well for lunches.

  • If you don’t have foods available and need to buy something quick, try a grocery store first. You can purchase pre-washed/cut fruits and vegetables, low-fat yogurt, prepared wraps, sushi and other foods that can be healthy choices
  • Consider a deli-style restaurant that offers low-fat subs, wraps and salads
  • Eating a healthy snack before hitting the road helps avoid tempting fast food restaurants
  • If you must choose a fast-food restaurant: fill up on salads and vegetables, watch portion sizes (go for the junior size, if available) and choose grilled – not fried – foods. And hold the mayo!
  • Keep your car and workplace stocked with water bottles to keep hydrated and avoid the sugary, higher calorie beverages
  • No time for breakfast? Smoothies make a great quick and nutritious meal.

Claudia Ulintz, RDLD

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