Hospital Charity/Financial Assistance Program

Learn more about eligibility criteria, guidelines and the application process.

Hospital Charity/Financial Assistance Program

University Hospitals is committed to treating all patients with dignity and respect regardless of their financial status or ability to pay.

In support of this commitment, UH has established a Hospital Charity/Financial Assistance Program for patients who are uninsured. The program covers services received at UH hospitals and their associated outpatient facilities: UH Case Medical Center (including UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, UH Seidman Cancer Center and UH MacDonald Women’s Hospital), UH Ahuja Medical Center, UH Bedford Medical Center, a Campus of UH Regional Hospitals, UH Conneaut Medical Center, UH Geauga Medical Center, UH Geneva Medical Center and UH Richmond Medical Center, a Campus of UH Regional Hospitals.

Through the program, UH provides discounts on hospital bills for patients who do not have health insurance and who meet certain eligibility criteria. The amount of the discount is determined after an assessment of the patient’s or family’s financial need and is based on current Federal Poverty Guidelines (see UH discounts and payments chart below). In addition, for qualifying patients, we can establish interest-free payment plans extending up to three years for discounted account balances. Patients may apply for UH Hospital Charity/Financial Assistance at any time before, during or after their care.

Eligibility Criteria

Patients must meet several qualifications to be eligible for the UH Hospital Charity/Financial Assistance Program. These criteria include:

  • The care being discounted must be medically necessary (non-elective) and a service that the Ohio Medicaid program would cover.
  • Patients must attest that they are uninsured and do not qualify for any third-party payment programs or for any health savings or medical savings account.
  • Patients must agree to allow UH to apply on their behalf for third-party payment programs, if applicable.
  • Patients must agree to provide financial information that can be used to determine their income.
  • Patients must be at or below 400 percent of current Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Patients must demonstrate residency in the primary or secondary service area of one of UH’s wholly owned hospitals.
UH Hospital Charity/Financial Assistance Program Discounts and Payments
Income as compared to Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) 0-250%* 251-400%
Discount to be applied 100% Discounted to the Medicare Payment Rate

*For patients whose income is at or below (0 to 100 percent of) the Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG), UH participates in Ohio’s Hospital Care Assurance Program (HCAP). Through HCAP, UH provides basic, medically necessary hospital services free of charge to Ohio residents. Federal Poverty Guidelines are available from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services at its website:

UH Financial Counselors

Financial counselors with the UH Hospital/Charity Financial Assistance Program are available to assist patients. They can:

  • provide financial counseling
  • assist patients in applying and qualifying for federal, state and local financial assistance programs, including HCAP
  • assist patients in qualifying for the UH Hospital/Charity Financial Assistance Program and completing the application
  • arrange discounts for uninsured patients
  • establish interest-free payment plans

For more information about the UH Hospital Charity/Financial Assistance Program, Hospital Care Assurance Program (HCAP) Guidelines or to obtain an application for either program, please call our UH Financial Counselors at 216-844-8299 or 800-859-5906. Or, download the application form (PDF).