The UH Electronic Medical Record vs. Your UH Personal Health Record

UH Electronic Medical Record

The UH Electronic Medical Record (also called EMR) has all of your University Hospitals health records stored on a computer system. It is an electronic version of a paper chart. The EMR is what your health care team uses to keep track of your health.

Your UH Personal Health Record

The UH Personal Health Record (also called PHR) is not the same as the electronic medical record. It does not have your complete UH health record information. Instead, your PHR has certain health info that is copied from the UH EMR.

Your PHR lets you collect, share and keep track of certain info about your health or the health of someone in your care. You can also store things like your medications, allergies, health problems and lab results in your PHR.

UH Electronic Medical Record UH Personal Health Record
Contains all of your health records Does NOT contain your complete UH health record information
Used by the health care team Used by the patient
Information is entered by your providers Certain information is populated from your EMR and you can add additional information
Is maintained by the health care team Is maintained by you
Information flows from the EMR into the PHR Information added/changed/deleted in the PHR does NOT flow back into the EMR

Technical Support

For technical support related to your Personal Health Record:
Call: 888-670-9775 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Email: support@followmyhealth.com


If you have questions about your Personal Health Record, you may want to view our Frequently Asked Questions.