This is a free service for those 18 years of age and older.

What is needed to enroll into MyUHCare Parma?

To begin the enrollment process, please provide University Hospitals Parma Medical Center with your email address and date of birth for activation into the system. Once your email address is in our system, you will be provided with a temporary user name and password for enrollment. Activation is provided through the Medical Records Department. You can also call 440-743-4164 and we will mail an authorization form to your home.

For any additional operational or general navigation, call 440-743-4164.

For questions about billing information, call 440-743-4292.

For questions about requesting an appointment, call 440-743-2054.

What information is available in the portal?

You can view and print lab results, x-ray reports, physician-signed reports, view your visit history, review your profile and see any allergies or medications, billing information and appointments. The information you view reflects the information form your last inpatient visit. Allergies, medications, religious affiliation and physician names may not reflect your current information. On your next admission any new information will be uploaded into the system.

My enrollment was “unsuccessful.” What do I do?

Make sure you are entering your name and M# exactly as it has been provided or call the MyUHCare Parma phone number at 440-743-4164 for further instructions.

How do I access my records?

To access the results from MyUHCare Parma, you have to click on Health Record. From there you may click on Results for lab work or Reports for x-rays.

UH Parma Medical Center Health Record

I am enrolled already and want to enroll my parent/grandparent or I am the custodian of someone over 18 years of age. What do I do?

A proxy form is available online at our website, in the Admitting Department or in the Medical Records Department. A proxy form can also be mailed to your home at your request.

My lab reports and/or x-ray results are not viewable.

Most lab test results are available within 72 hours. Some may take several days to finalize. Lab results in the portal will be available from the last 12 months.

Most x-ray results are available within 72 hours. Mammography results may take up to two weeks if comparison studies are needed from an outside facility.

We cannot interpret any results. Please contact your provider with any questions about your results. We can only answer general navigation and sign-on questions about the portal.

What is the MyUHCare phone number?

The My UH Care Parma phone number is 440-743-4164. You may leave a message about the portal and you will receive an answer to your questions within three business days. We can only answer general operational questions about the portal. For specific questions about your medications or results, contact your provider.

My significant other and I share the same email address. How do we enroll?

Please call the MyUHCare Parma phone number at 440-743-4164 for further information.

What records are not viewable?

Pathology reports, EKG's, progress notes and Emergency Room visits before May 13, 2014.

What type of device do I need to view my records?

You can use your iPhone, a tablet, MAC or PC. Internet Explorer IE8 or higher is recommended.

What do I do if I forgot my user name or password?

There is a link provided to help you remember your user name or password when you open MyUHCare Parma or call the phone number at 440-743-4164.

Is the sign-on case sensitive?

Yes. You must enter your temporary user name and password exactly as it is provided. Use your last name and first name as provided in CAPITAL LETTERS. No middle initial, Jr., Sr., etc. The medical record number (M#) begins with leading zeros. When you create your own user name and password that is also case sensitive.

Please remember, when creating your own user name and password, write it down and keep it secure for safekeeping. We do not have access to passwords.

What if I have questions while viewing my information in the portal?

There is a 'Contact US' button provided while in the portal. Please email your questions/concerns with your first and last name and an answer will be provided within three business days.

Technical Support

For general operational questions about the portal:
Call 440-743-4164

For specific questions about your medications or results, contact your provider.


If you have questions about your Personal Health Record, you may want to view our Frequently Asked Questions.