This is a free service for those 18 years of age and older.

How Do I Sign Up for UH Elyria Personal Health Record?

Patients may sign up for UH Personal Health Record during an office visit. Instructions will then be sent to the patient via email to complete registration. Learn more on our How to Sign Up page.

Will Entire Medical Records be Available?

Currently, certain portions of the record are not available electronically. For questions or concerns about the medical record content on the portal, please call your provider directly or the UH Elyria Medical Center Health Information Services department at 440-329-7570.

What is the sign in and authentication process?

In order to use the UH Elyria Personal Health Record, users should have a Windows Live ID, Google, Facebook or Yahoo account. These accounts are free of charge and provide necessary authentication technology in the application. Users who do not already have one of these accounts and do not wish to create one will be able to login using the Secure Login process.

When I receive an email to sign-up for UH Elyria Personal Health Record how long will the link in the email be valid?

The email link to sign up is valid for 60 days.

Can a parent/guardian set up and manage an account for a child/dependent?

The proxy feature for a parent/guardian to set up and manage an account for a child/dependent is scheduled to be added in 2014.

Is there a timeout setting?

Yes, users will be automatically logged out of their UH Elyria Personal Health Record after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Will online consults be available?

No, billable online consults with physicians are not available at this time. UH Elyria Personal Health Record features a messaging tool which may be used to ask simple, non-urgent questions.

What if I have concerns about the content of my record?

Call UH Elyria Medical Center at 440-329-7500 and ask for the Privacy Office. They will work with your provider to make any changes.

Can I un-enroll from UH Elyria Personal Health Record?

Yes, your account can be disabled from further communication of medical data but the historical data will remain. This can be done within the connections tab and removing the organization from which you no longer want information.

Technical Support

For questions/concerns about the medical record content on the UH Elyria PHR:
Call 440-329-7570

For support navigating the UH Elyria PHR:
Call 440-387-4702


If you have questions about your Personal Health Record, you may want to view our Frequently Asked Questions.