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The Top 4 Reasons to Strength Train As You Age

Posted 6/30/2015 by UH Blog

We’re all pressed for time, but if you add some bench presses – along with leg presses and other strength training exercises – you might find that you feel and look better more often. That’s because strength training helps you keep and build muscle, address health concerns and elevate your mood.

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Bones, Balance and Weight Loss: Reasons Why You Should Start Strength Training

Posted 10/27/2014 by Kelli Santiago, RD, LD

Kelli Santiago RD LD You probably already know aerobic exercises like jogging, swimming and biking are good for your heart. But, while they may do a good job at improving blood pressure, insulin resistance and cardiorespiratory fitness (to name a few), cardio workouts don’t do much for building muscle. Muscle is vital, however, and its benefits span far beyond just strength. Maintaining adequate muscle mass impacts a number of health and age related issues like bone health, blood gluc...

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