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Is Your Pediatrician Your Kid’s BFF?

Posted 4/20/2017 by UHBlog

Is Your Pediatrician Your Kid's BFF?

Follow these seven tips for finding the right pediatrician for your child.

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Princesses, pedaling and primary care: How exceptional pediatrics helped girl thrive

Posted 7/1/2015 by UHBlog

Jon Kannensohn, MD, Pediatrician, University Premier Pediatricians Clinical Instructor, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Like many couples, it took some time for Brandy and Fred Carney to become pregnant. But the wait was worth it. Brandy delivered daughter McKenna following a healthy, full-term pregnancy. Yet despite her uncomplicated delivery, McKenna began to develop medical problems early on. McKenna suffered from recurring kidney and urinary tract infections and was ...

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