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September is National Food Safety Education Month

Posted 9/1/2015 by UHBlog

When certain bacteria, viruses or parasites contaminate food, they can cause foodborne illness. People with weak immune systems due to cancer are more likely to get sick from contaminated food. There are things you and your caregivers can do to safely handle and prepare your food to avoid foodborne illness. To learn more: Visit This site includes general food safety information, as well as details about recent food recalls and alerts. You can sign up to get food recall ...

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Trick or Healthy Treat: 35 Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Posted 10/30/2014 by UHBlog

Want to improve your family’s overall diet? Make an appointment with a nutritionist. As much as kids look forward to overflowing buckets and bags of Halloween candy, their parents dread the consequences: loads of unhealthy sugar and fat and cavity concerns. But there could be some appealing alternatives. Whether you’re passing out treats or hosting a party, consider these healthy substitutes: Small packets of trail mix or similar snacks Cereal or granola bars Goldfish ...

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Quiz: What’s Got the Biggest Caffeine Buzz?

Posted 6/20/2014 by UHBlog

Caffeinated drinks are a quick fix for a morning rush or a drowsy afternoon. According to the American Medical Association, a moderate intake of 250 mg of caffeine per day is safe for most adults. But too much caffeine can lead to symptoms like anxiety, increased heart rate and restlessness. If you’re counting your caffeine intake, don’t forget that your twice-a-day coffee habit probably isn’t your only source of caffeine. This flavorless stimulant also makes an appearance in ...

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