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Learn How Myofascial Release's Gentle Pressure Lessens Pain

Posted 9/25/2015 by UHBlog

If pain has you immobile, try myofascial release therapy sessions using hands-on treatments to eliminate restrictions in your body’s connective tissues. Do you feel as if pain is disfiguring you? Maybe you notice yourself leaning a certain way or holding your body in a particular position. Usually by the time you become aware of your posture, other muscles in your body have started to overcompensate and create additional pain points. Pain that generates from your musculoskeletal system i...

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Knots Landing: Where Does Your Stress Go?

Posted 5/14/2015 by UHBlog

Inflammation, trauma and stress create knots in your body. See us to release them. Anyone who has ever had a work deadline or a family crisis knows what stress feels like. Your head might ache or your shoulders might get tense. But did you know stress – if left untreated – can create knots and restrictions in your body, leading to pain and limited motion. "Your body has a natural mechanism when dealing with stress," says myofascial release therapist Carla Cavanagh. "It knots up. As...

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