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Rite of Passage? Alcohol and Young Athletes

Posted 4/6/2015 by UHBlog

Are you worried about your child’s alcohol use? The pediatric sports medicine team can help guide you. There’s a new game in town. Some runners are choosing to not only test their athletic skills, but their alcohol tolerance by competing in an event known as the “Beer Mile.” The sport has been gaining in popularity in recent years, especially among young athletes. Racers chug a cold one, run a quarter of a mile and then slam another and so on over the course of a mile. In...

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Myths and Facts About Drinking and Your Health

Posted 11/10/2014 by UHBlog

How much alcohol is right for you? Talk to your doctor. Is alcohol good for your health? The answer is more complicated than you might think. Studies have shown numerous health benefits from drinking wine, beer or spirits. But there can also be too much of a good thing. Family medicine specialist Todd M. Zeiger, MD, sets the record straight on common myths and facts about alcohol’s effects on health. Myth: If you can’t go to sleep, a nightcap can help. Fact: Although alcohol may ...

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Quiz: Test Your Alcohol Knowledge

Posted 3/21/2014 by UHBlog

1. TRUE or FALSE: Wine coolers have less alcohol than beer. False. Beer and wine coolers have the same amount of alcohol. Twelve ounces of either drink is considered one serving of alcohol. Pay attention to the amount of beer or wine cooler in each drink so you can tell exactly how many servings you’re having. 2. TRUE or FALSE: Binge drinking is defined as having eight servings of alcohol in a single occasion. False. Binge drinking is defined as just four or more drinks for women and f...

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