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Is your child afraid of getting a shot?

Posted 10/1/2018 by UHBlog

Many children have a fear of needles – and a child’s fear can often be more upsetting than the actual shot. To ease your child’s anxiety, try the following tips:

A boy getting a shot at doctor's office
  • Explain matter-of-factly what is about to happen. Tell your child that the shot will hurt a little bit only for a moment.
  • Distract your child with age-appropriate toys. For example, bring along a rattle for a baby, a bubble blower or party blower for a young child, or a video game for an older child. It might help to bring along a toy or book that your child has never seen before.
  • Help your child relax. Hold your child on your lap. Encourage him or her to imagine a beautiful picture or scene, or offer a soothing shoulder massage.
  • Ask your child's doctor about applying a numbing cream to the skin before the shot.

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