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Running 101 Goes Tech

Posted 9/7/2017 by UHBlog

Are you looking to fine-tune your running? We can help improve your form to aid with injury prevention.

Running 101 Goes Tech

Running isn’t as simple as putting one foot in the front of the other. From the way your feet hit the ground to the strength of your core, even small errors in your technique can lead to injuries that will stop you in your tracks.

“Unfortunately runners are usually the patients that only come in when they have significant issues and should have been seen months ago,” says senior physical therapist Yazmin Torres. “Our goal is to establish a game plan and direction to get them back to running and minimize their risk of injury.”

To that end, University Hospitals Sports Medicine Institute offers video analysis for runners to identify and correct these errors. According to Torres, video analysis catches individual running problems while providing:

  • Instant feedback – This way if there is a stride or gait issue, it can be corrected and treatment can start right away.
    "Even iPad programs like Coach's Eye allow us to provide immediate feedback to the runner without being time-consuming or limited to specific facilities,” she says.
  • Millisecond frames – Video analysis allows clinicians to slow down frames to the millisecond and see what the eye normally wouldn't catch.
  • Working backward – "By working backward, we can see why you were originally injured and determine the underlying deviation or deficit causing your injury,” says Torres.
  • Full body assessment – It's not all about the legs.
    “We look at everything from shoulder range of motion to your lumbar spine,” she says. “Running involves the whole body. If one part is affected, your whole body is affected.”
  • Personalization – Runners train and learn differently, so each assessment is indivualized.
    “We account for everything from the type of shoes you wear to your nutrition and how that may contribute to your risk of injury,” Torres says.

Whether you want to improve your form or prevent injury post-op, physical therapists provide plenty of education and material so that you don’t need to come back.

“We find the source of the problem instead of just treating symptoms,” she says. “Runners are able to listen to their bodies better and prevent complex impairment.”

Running 101 and video analysis is offered at the following University Hospitals locations:

Yazmin Torres, PT, DPT, is a senior physical therapist at University Hospitals Sports Rehabilitation at Mandel Jewish Community Center. You can request an appointment with Torres or any health care provider online.

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