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Broken Bones? Torn Tendons?

Posted 12/4/2017 by UHBlog

Was your wait time at the ER more painful than the injury itself? We can help reduce the wait time to see an orthopedic specialist.

Doctor applying bandage to ankle

No matter which sport you play, it comes with a risk. If you suffer an injury, you’ll want to spend less time in the waiting room and more time with a specialist who can get you on the road to recovery.

According to orthopedic sports surgeon Daniel Zanotti, MD, quick surgical intervention and direct access to care are routine at the Orthopedic Injury Clinic.

“It’s unique because it provides same-day opportunities to get evaluated by orthopedic specialists,” Dr. Zanotti says. “In most cases, people see several non-specialists and get referred, but we provide a same-day evaluation and necessary recovery services, including surgery.”

The advantages to immediately seeing a specialist at the Orthopedic Injury Clinic include:

  1. Cost efficiency. You’ll have fewer appointments, but with the right doctors.
    “Just by saving appointments you’re saving money,” Dr. Zanotti says. “You avoid unnecessary visits to non-specialists before seeing the right person to treat your injury.”
  2. Faster care. “It’s a one-stop shop,” he says. “People come in knowing they can avoid waiting in the ER and get seen and treated in a timely manner. You can even do your intake paperwork online to expedite the visit.”
  3. Quick surgical intervention. If surgery is required, you can schedule it at your first visit.
    “Patients can be taken to surgery within 24 hours,” says Dr. Zanotti.
  4. Customized treatment. With a team of trained specialists, you’ll get a customized treatment plan immediately that's tailored to your injury.

Although the original concept of the Orthopedic Injury Clinic was to treat trauma patients, this level of care is not reserved for the extreme sports injuries you may be picturing.

“We used to see a lot of referrals from the ER or primary care physicians, but now we’re seeing consumers get savvy and come directly to us,” he says.

According to Dr. Zanotti, the clinic’s service is appropriate for a wide variety of injuries, ranging from trauma to arthritis flare-ups.

“The most common injuries we see are knee and back injuries,” he says. “We also see a lot of work and industrial injuries, like falls from ladders.”

For an athlete in particular, the rapid access to treatment is especially appealing.

“Athletes don’t want to miss games or practice. They want to be seen quickly and get a treatment plan decided on,” says Dr. Zanotti. “Our goal is to get people back to their way of life as quickly as possible.”

The Orthopedic Injury Clinic is located at University Hospitals Sheffield Health Center/Center for Orthopedics. To make an appointment, call 440-329-2800 or visit.

Daniel Zanotti, MD is an orthopaedic specialist at UH Sheffield Health Center/Center for Orthopedics. You can request an appointment with Dr. Zanotti or any other doctor online.

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