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Quiz: Best Calorie Scorchers

Posted 5/16/2014 by UHBlog

Quiz: Best Calorie Scorchers

Working out shouldn’t feel like work. There are plenty of physical activities to choose from, so pick the ones you most enjoy, and soon you’ll be breaking a sweat with a smile instead of a grimace.

You may be surprised at how many calories you can burn in everyday activities or leisure games. Take our quiz and test your instincts – which activities burn the most calories in 30 minutes?*

1. Billiards or bowling?

Bowling! Rolling strikes (or even turkeys) burns 112 calories, while shooting pool burns 93 calories.

2. Yoga or weightlifting?

Yoga! Hatha yoga burns 149 calories. A weightlifting session burns 112 calories.

3. Raking leaves or mowing the lawn?

Mowing! Pushing a mower burns 167 calories, while raking burns 149 calories.

4. Waltzing or square dancing?

Square dancing! This western American dance burns 205 calories, while the gliding ballroom waltz burns 112 calories.

5. Golf or softball?

Trick question – it depends on whether or not you golf with a cart! Hitting the links and carrying your clubs burns 205 calories – more than a game of softball, which burns 186 calories. But golfing with a cart burns fewer calories than softball – 130.

6. Downhill skiing or cross-country skiing?

Cross-country! Nordic skiing burns 298 calories, while downhill skiing burns 223 calories.

7. Tennis or basketball?

Basketball! Shooting hoops burns 298 calories. A tennis match burns 260 calories.

8. Crawl stroke or treading water?

Crawl! Freestyle swimming burns 409 calories, while treading water burns 372 calories.

*Source: Harvard Health Publications All figures are based on a person weighing 155 pounds.

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