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Maternal Fetal Medicine Genetic Counseling

Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialists Offer Leading-Edge Genetic Counseling Services

Experts at University Hospitals MacDonald Women’s Hospital’s Barbara Peterson Ruhlman Women & Newborn Center and the Center for Human Genetics provide formal genetics counseling to women and couples for issues that include:

  • Abnormal maternal serum screen results
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Abnormal carrier screening results
  • Family history of genetic disorders
  • Medication/environmental exposure
  • Prior children with birth defects
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss

Latest Advancements in Genetics Testing

Comprehensive genetic counseling is provided to help families understand risks and testing options in a manner that is culturally sensitive and to help families make decisions that are appropriate for their unique situation. Our certified genetics counselors and board-certified clinical geneticists work collaboratively to make an accurate medical diagnosis, using the following tests:

Assistance with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is also available.

Genetic Sonogram and Down Syndrome

The team at UH MacDonald Women’s Hospital has expertise in utilizing ultrasound to assess the risk for chromosomal disorders such as Down syndrome. In fact, many regional hospitals and physicians refer patients to University Hospitals for this service.

This advanced imaging ultrasound is ideal for women who are at higher risk for genetic problems and would rather have targeting screening with imaging than definitive testing such as chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis. Our program specialists can provide more information to help with these decisions.

First Trimester Genetic/Aneuploidy Screening

First trimester aneuploidy screening uses both ultrasound and blood tests to obtain information about genetic risks before the end of the first trimester. The screening can let parents know early on about the risk of having a fetus affected by genetic conditions such as Down syndrome and Trisomy 18. Several severe birth defects can also be detected on a first trimester sonogram.

Barbara Peterson Ruhlman Women & Newborn Center

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