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Group Care for Diabetes

Group Diabetes Care Provides Social Support and Education for Pregnant Women

Approximately 15 percent of all pregnancies are complicated by some form of diabetes, and this percentage is on the rise. Diabetes during pregnancy can increase the rate of premature birth, stillbirths and infant death, and can cause other serious complications.

In an effort to help women with high-risk pregnancies, University Hospitals MacDonald Women’s Hospital has an innovative group care for diabetes program.

This program includes 12 sessions for small groups of five to eight pregnant women, all who have been diagnosed with either pre-gestational diabetes or gestational diabetes within their first trimester. Participants receive prenatal care through group meetings, held every other week for six months, taking them nearly to the end of their pregnancies.

Group prenatal care for women with diabetes provides comprehensive pregnancy education, diabetes education and support that can help pregnant women understand the issues they must address to have a healthy pregnancy, child and lifestyle post-pregnancy.

Group Session Topics

Topics covered during group care for diabetes sessions include:

  • Education on diabetes
  • Nutrition
  • Normal aches and pains of pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Infant care
  • Safe sleeping for babies
  • Contraception

Participants also receive private individual consultation with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist during each of the sessions.

Benefits of Group Diabetes Care

When compared to the traditional care model, women who participate in group care are more likely to attend prenatal visits and comply with regular blood sugar checks, leading to faster and better control of their diabetes. Participants have a better understanding of diabetes by the end of their pregnancies and are also more satisfied with their prenatal care, according to post-partum satisfaction surveys. The group setting offers patients social support, while making the most efficient use of clinicians’ time.

Diabetes Boot Camp

Specifically for pregnant women with gestational diabetes, this group combines multiple appointments with specialists into a three-hour, one-stop-shop approach. Patients receive diabetes education, nutrition counseling and a one-on-one consultation with a maternal-fetal medicine physician.

More Information

For more information on group diabetes care during pregnancy, please contact Andrea Schalk, RN at 216-844-8545 for scheduling.

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