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Seamless and Coordinated Care for High-Risk Pregnancies

Highly Skilled Multidisciplinary Team

The Barbara Peterson Ruhlman Women & Newborn Center at University Hospitals MacDonald Women’s Hospital provides exceptional and comprehensive prenatal care for women with high-risk pregnancies and their babies.

Our board-certified maternal fetal medicine (MFM) physicians offer focused care for all phases of high-risk pregnancy from conception through delivery and post-partum care.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Services

Our team offers a wide range of prenatal care services, including:

  • Preconception care: Appointments with an MFM expert for patients with prior adverse pregnancy outcome, family history or medical diagnoses for recommendations to optimize pregnancy outcome
  • Single consultation: Appointments with an MFM expert for high-risk pregnancies with follow-up, as needed
  • Shared care: Prenatal care remains with the referring provider, with scheduled follow-up consultations and ultrasounds, as needed
  • Care coordination: For either consultation or shared care patients, our fetal care patient navigator can coordinate visits with adult and pediatric specialists.
  • Diabetic management: Weekly patient contact for blood sugar management and recommendations after initial MFM consultation
  • Ultrasound and other tests: Prenatal diagnosis, including amniocentesis and CVS, FIRST trimester screening for aneuploidy, 3- and 4-D ultrasound, antenatal testing including BPP and fetal Doppler assessment, if indicated
  • Comprehensive genetic testing: Preconception and prenatal counseling is available for families and include tests such as ethnicity-based carrier testing, maternal serum screenings, and prenatal diagnosis through chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis.
  • Fetal procedures: Specialists skilled at performing a variety of fetal procedures, including abdominal cerclage, fetal intrauterine transfusions, shunt placement and transvaginal cerclage
  • Fetal heart program: Offering fetal echocardiograms when indicated and coordination of care with the Pediatric Heart Center team to ensure a seamless transition from prenatal to postnatal care.
  • Inpatient transfer: Access to MFM experts for consultation 24 hours a day to arrange for inpatient transfer
  • Transport services: Referring physicians and hospital have access to the maternal and neonatal transport services 24 hours a day, seven days per week. MFM phone consultations are also available during select hours.

Learn more about these and other services offered through the Ruhlman Women & Newborn Center.

Ruhlman Women & Newborn Center Welcomes Referrals

Doctors can refer a patient to one of our board-certified maternal fetal medicine specialists at UH MacDonald Women’s Hospital by calling 216-844-8545.

  • For MFM Consultation: call 216-844-8545
  • For OB ultrasound: call 216-844-7881
  • For genetic counseling: call 216-844-3936
  • For fetal echocardiogram: call 216-844-1337

Materials for Referring Physicians

The following referral forms and information materials are available for download:

Barbara Peterson Ruhlman Women & Newborn Center

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General Information: 216-844-3941
MFM Consultation: 216-844-8545
OB Ultrasound: 216-844-7881
Genetic Counseling: 216-844-3936